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Mediation offers an alternative to arbitration. Mediation is a process in which a trained, neutral mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties, helping them to find a mutually acceptable resolution to the dispute. Mediation cases are a private, informal, and confidential way of settling a dispute without relying on a legal judgment issued by a judge or jury.


Arbitration is an alternative to litigation or mediation in order to resolve a dispute. Arbitration panels are composed of one or three arbitrators who are selected by the parties. They read the pleadings filed by the parties, listen to the arguments, study the documentary and/or testimonial evidence, and render a decision. The panel’s decision, called an “award,” is final and binding on all the parties.

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Joy is an avid lawyer, Researcher, arbitrator and certified mediator. She draws from an eclectic professional background in commercial law, advanced mediation, international arbitration, research, communications and teaching. In addition to his present involvements, she is doing Mediation Trainings and Coaching of Neutrals. Prior to coming to the U.S, Joy worked with one of the leading commercial law firms in Uganda as a litigation lawyer; she also worked as a legal researcher for a consultancy firm, a legal advisor to Sky Design Ltd a private company, and as a legal intern with the Parliament of Uganda.

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